Determine the Correct Aeron Chair Size for Body Support

Aeron Chair by Herman MillerRecognized for its design by the Museum of Modern Art, the Aeron Chair is a 94% recyclable ergonomic office chair from Herman Miller. It comes with mesh fabric seat combined with a seat support instead of upholstery and foam, along with fully customizable functions. Rather than a Herman Miller Aeron Chair design serving in a one-size-fits-all capacity, it is available in three sizes. The sizing options include “A” or small, “B” or medium, and “C” or large. Hence, these chairs suit all body types. When determining the right size for your next Aeron Chair, make sure to look into the body weight and height

These two factors are the key when selecting the right size. The above-mentioned sizes correspond to the respective individual groups concerning the pressure of the Pellicle membrane and the back support. Even though size B is suitable for a majority of people, those with a body weight of 60 kg max and height of 1.55 m (5 feet) should opt for the A size. Lastly, Aeron C is ideal for sturdy, tall and well-built men who weigh 130 kg max and have a height of 2 m (6. 56 feet).

To determine the right Herman Miller Aeron Chair size, follow the steps listed below:

Step#1 – Turn around Aeron Chair so you are facing the backside of the seat.

Step#2 – Put your fingers under the frame edge near the top center near the Herman Miller stamp. Push under the edge until you feel a couple of bumps. Count the number of the bumps in order to determine the chair size – one bump is equal to size “A”, two are size “B” and three are size “C”.

Let’s take a quick look at the measurements of the three sizes:

  • Aeron A – Designed for people up to 1.57 m tall and having a slim build. Size A is roughly 10 cm smaller in comparison with size C.
  • Aeron B – Designed to cater to most of the users, mainly those with an average weight and height.
  • Aeron C – For people who weigh 95kg and are 1.95m tall.

The Aeron Chairs by Herman Miller are a perfect combination of design and performance. Labeled as “America’s best-selling chair” in 2010 and also featured in MoMA’s permanent collection, the chair has become a common favorite. One of the reasons behind its success is ‘pellicle’, a sheer yet resistant fabric that enables prolonged sittings without even the slightest of discomfort.

Lastly, the chair is adjustable and the individual pads even out the sacrum and properly support the lumbar region of the spinal cord in order to mimic a healthy standing position. The ergonomic design, combined with premium support, offers great localized and calculated spinal support. You get adequate support when you are sitting, or even when moving the chair around.

For more information about Herman Miller Aeron Chairs, including how to purchase one for yourself, please visit Office Designs’ website.