Lessons Learned From A Crazy Campaign Season

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past six months, you may have noticed that there is a presidential election happening in the United States. No matter what side of the aisle you affiliate yourself with, no one can dispute that politics have become big business in the past several decades. The machines in place to garner support for each candidate are complex and well established. The same techniques used by political campaigns to help boost candidates public profile can also be used by small business to help grow their awareness and engagement among potential customers.

Four Tips For Using Political Strategy to Grow Your Business

Fine Tune Your Message: When politicians take the stage, especially on the national level, you can bet that a team of speechwriters helped them to hone their words. Political speeches often use a mix of emotionally driven statements commingled with the fact at hand to drive home their point. Small businesses can do the same thing.

Crafting a compelling message to sell your services or products is key to sticking in your customer’s mind. From “Make America Great Again” to “I’m With Her” these short tag lines send a clear message. So what will yours be? Entrepreneur wrote an excellent article on how to discover your brand’s message. And just like in political campaigns, use your message EVERYWHERE.

Speak To Your Base: For those who are unfamiliar with what it means, it means in order to success a politician must speak to the needs of those who support the party the majority of the time. In addition to wooing new voters, candidates must maintain the support of party loyalists to ensure victory.

For small business, it is important to do the same; reward your loyal customers. Everyone likes to think that their business is valued. Why not show your appreciation for those who have been loyal to your brand? There are many ways to set up loyalty programs, from simple punch cards to complex apps. Which one is best for your business?

Engage Your Community: Former House Speaker Tip O’Neill coined the phrase, “All politics is local.” This is why you see political candidates hitting the road and getting out into the community to shake hands and kiss babies. As they do they often highlight their policies as they relate back to the community that they are visiting. This humanizes the candidate as they strive to showcase their commitment to the local issues and needs.

Small businesses, especially those with a brick and mortar presence, can take a page out of this book. Getting involved in local community events is a great way to garner positive PR for your business. It also offers an opportunity to network in person with others in your area. At the beginning of the year map out a community engagement plan for the year to come to determine the best places and events to spend your time and money. Not only will you have the opportunity to grow your business, you will help to make your local community a better place.

Get Out The Vote: Political campaigns on a national level have a complex system in place to help guarantee that their supporters make it to the polls. Using volunteers they utilize phone banks and free shuttles to get people to their polling places. After all, a supporter is great but their value is magnified when they help get others to vote as well.

In much the same way, your existing clients can ask as your most powerful allies in driving business through your door. As we wrote previously, online reviews can be a powerful way for people to share their experiences and act as compelling online testimonials on your behalf. Happy customers are great, but happy customers that share their experiences with other help to magnify their value as well.

Of course, not everyone is pleased with this political cycle. Many have expressed their frustration with the candidates in general. When all else fails you might want to use the political cycle to grow your business, much like this agent in South Carolina.


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